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Google Maps by Daniel Martyn
Displays a single-image super-fast loading Google map in a widget. A larger map with all the usual features is available on click in a lightbox.

Description of the plugin

**Widget options**

* title
* address

**Thumbnail options**

* map size - width and height
* map type - satellite, road, map or hybrid
* color
* size
* zoom level

**Lightbox map options**

* map size - width and height
* map type - satellite,road map or hybrid
* zoom level
* skin
* show or hide address bubble
* show or hide map title
* header text
* footer text

== Installation ==

1. From WP admin - Plugins - Add New
2. Search "Google Maps by Daniel Martyn" under search and hit Enter
3. Plugin will show up in the TOP on the list, click "Install Now"

To upload manually;

1. Download the plugin from Wordpress Repository.
2. Unzip it and upload to
3. From WP admin - Plugins and click "Activate" next to the plugin
4. Configure plugin under Appearance - Widgets

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Who is this plugin for? =

For just about anyone who needs a google map displayed on their site.

= It's not working, why? =

Does your theme have wp_footer() function in the footer?

== Changelog ==

= 0.1 =
* 2012/07/01
* Initial release

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 0.1 =
Initial release
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